Republican voters want a focus on immigration

New polling shows what the number one issue is for Republican voters, and it’s something you could probably figure out very easily.

The number one issue for Republican voters is immigration, with 40% of voters saying it's the most important problem facing the country. It's a result that doesn’t surprise Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon.

“Immigration has been increasingly top priority, particularly for Republican voters, for the last several years,” Colon said.

It's the issue President Trump ran on. It's the same issue that hasn't been fixed despite decades of debate. Colon says the solution should not be this hard.

“Keep it simply. People want to overthink this. We don’t have to overthink this. We have to protect our border. We have to secure our border,” Colon explained.

About 65% of Republicans told a Pew Research Center poll earlier this year that the highest priority for the Republican Party should be ending illegal immigration.

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