Flying could be a weighty proposition

Berkshire-based tech company Fuel Matrix is reportedly in talks with UK airlines to use pressure pad scales at check-in desks to discreetly weigh people to calculate exactly how much fuel planes need to fly.

They claim it’s in an effort to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions.

"There is some truth to the fact that saving fuel is going to save money. At the same time, I don't know if that's the right way to save fuel," said travel expert Zachary Burau.

He said it depends on the carrier. Smaller airlines with thin margins could be more likely to explore with weighing passengers for more accurate fuel costs.

"It's such a variable cost subject to change, it goes up, it goes down and if there's any way to save a little bit of fuel on each flight that could increase the profit margin over a pretty long period of time," said Burau.

He said in America, the government would probably step in to regulate on the behalf of traveler's privacy and rights, should this become a reality.

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