Movie industry suffering, comic book heroes to save the day

Despite heated loungers, restaurant meals and 3D flicks at the movie theatre, people enjoy watching movies in the comfort of their own home...causing the Hollywood movie industry to suffer.

Domestic revenue for Hollywood movies, year to date is at its lowest level since 2013, according to Comscore.

The Motion Picture Association of America reports movie sales in the U.S. has dropped almost half of 10-billion-dollars in 2014.

Texas Tech University popular culture librarian Rob Weiner said American movies are huge overseas, but in the states, too many options have killed off the allure.

“Netflix, Hulu, Disney’s going to have their new service, DC Comics has their own service,” said Weiner.

He says the new Avengers movie set to hit the big screen next weekend will come to the rescue and help take out some of the slump for Hollywood.

He said it's still a fun event, but has gotten expensive.

“Going to the movies can be a $50 proposition with everything that’s added. And you get a month of Netflix for what—12 or 15 dollars,” said Weiner.

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