Did Anyone Notice You Were Naked in Your Dream?

Why on earth are we haunted in our dreams about making a public presentation and standing before a gathering as a naked as a jaybird?

“When we’re naked in a dream it’s usually because we’re feeling very embarrassed, and vulnerable or exposed in some way in our real life,” says Lauri Loewenberg, a renowned dream analyst.

You may not remember that in your dream last night you were on stage in front of a packed auditorium dressed only in your birthday suit, but that doesn’t mean the dream didn’t happen. Everyone dreams, on average around every 90 minutes, says Loewenberg, whether it’s remembered or not. And an odd quirk about that naked dream: “You’ll notice, typically we are the ones freaking out about our nudity but no one else in the dream seems to notice or care.”

Oh yeah.

Dreams are on odd thing, but Loewenberg has a skill at bringing them logically into the realm of reality, explaining how the brain doesn’t turn off when we fall asleep, but remains consumed by the same issues we’re absorbed with in our conscious days, processing them differently.

“The scary dreams are the most important dreams of all,” she suggests. “They are connected to a waking-life issue that brings about the same emotions.” Fear. It’s powerful, and we don’t get away from it when we doze. “When you wake up from a frightening, upsetting, disturbing dream, ask yourself, ‘What is the most upsetting thing in my life right now?’ That’s what your dream is about.”

Loewenberg says to recall dreams better, stay in the same position for three-five minutes after you awaken. Almost like a muscle memory, it will set the dream in your mind.

In a 24/7, social media, email, information driven world, it’s easy to lose sight of what is driving our emotions. You may find the best insight by looking more deeply into your dreams.

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