HAR.com's latest market report is out shows Houston is in good shape

Housing Prices Continue To Fall

Lower interest rates might've pushed people into buying compared to March 2018.

This is the second month of positive sales for single family home sales, which are up almost five percent.

HAR Chair Shannon Cobb Evans said for the most part, it's a pretty balanced market.

"With the inventory increasing a little bit the months on market, we might see a little more opportunity for buyers out there," said Cobb Evans.

She said the Houston inventory is a little higher than the national trend.

"We're up to a 3.9 months supply of homes that are available and the national level is 3.5, and this is the highest inventory we've had in five months," said Cobb Evans.

She said for a few months now, the rental market has been extremely strong—at almost 18 ½ half percent. She credits Millennials not buying and Baby Boomers renting.

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