A militia group says it will patrol the border until a wall is up

The United Constitutional Patriots say the situation is even worse than you think. The group's Jim Benvie says if you don't think it's a crisis, you're wrong.

"Every American who cares about our country; who cares about our borders needs to understand, we're being invaded."

Benvie says his militia members are forced to carry guns.

"We're not here to shoot anybody but we are in a dangerous area and we are interfering with a business; we're interfering with the drug business, the trafficking business."

Benvie says every time an illegal walks across the border and surrenders to border patrol, that agent is taken off duty to fill out hours' worth of paperwork. He says the drug traffickers and human smugglers take advantage.

Benvie says don't be fooled by Democratic Party propaganda.

"The left always makes this argument 'well, if you look at the crime in El Paso, the border cities, crime is down.' What I always tell people is, that's not where the people are headed; the people are moving toward cities near you."

Benvie says democrats see the crisis at the border as a recruitment opportunity. He says the human traffickers and drug lords are taking advantage of the distractions.

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