Medical tourism industry becoming big in America

Forget going to another country for less expensive elective surgeries. Foreigners are boosting America's medical tourism industry.

Consultant companies are helping patients come to the US to find doctors who post prices upfront and give cash discounts to avoid the hassle and expense of dealing with insurance companies.

Dr. David Barczyk said people come here from all over the world, if the patient is paying cash or not using insurance.

It's even happening within the US.

"Especially if you're in a smaller state, or smaller community that doesn't have certain specialties and they do a boutique setting, arrange hotel rooms and you get to go in and out of that place as you wish," said Barczyk.

He said the competition for price point is good for health care because of rising healthcare costs.

"We took the free market out of healthcare. Now, with doctors competing for the same dollar, the prices could potentially drop and the quality still stays high," said Barczyk.

He said this is the way of the future.

Due to federal government regulations, it's usually safer to have medical care in the states.

The most popular operations tend to be spine surgeries and elective surgeries like cosmetic or outpatient procedures or that require only a one-night stay at a hospital or surgery center.

Operating room staff performing hospital surgery

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