Tech giant censorship equivalent to book burning

Amazon is caving to the left-wing and abandoning its previous commitment to carry all books no matter how controversial.

Amazon has said it won't support or promote hatred or criminal acts, but does allow every person to make their own purchasing decision

The Eagle Forum's Cathie Adams says it would be nice if they practiced what they preached.

"The American youth need to understand what they're not learning in public school classrooms, at least many of them, and that is our own history is being revised," said Adams.

Amazon has banned books on right-wing critiques of religion, as well as Confederate merchandise yet allows books on pro-pedophile, Louis Farrakhan's books, Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto.

"Fifty percent of books are now purchased through Amazon and 83 percent of e-books are purchased from Amazon. This is a very dangerous trend," said Adams.

She said this is like the digital version of book burning.

Confederate Flag Ban

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