Socialist dictators say censorship is good for their people

College campuses are sounding more and more like North Korea. The president of a tiny, private school in New York has written an op-ed opposing free speech on his campus. Parents need to ask questions before they write the tuition check.

Cato education expert Neal McCluskey is okay with this, as long as it's a private school.

"If someone is interested in going to Union College they can Google this and they'll find this and they'll be able to see the president saying 'you're not going to be able to say whatever you want in whatever manner you choose to do it.'"

McCluskey says the First Amendment doesn't come in to play on a private campus and parents need to find this out when they're researching colleges.

McCluskey says many parents would choose restrictions.

"Do I want a school with those rules or not? I think you'll find a fair number of people will say 'yes, I want a place where there are rules of decorum' that students are expected to follow."

McCluskey says he understands what the Union College president is seeking by opposing free speech on campus, but parents and students need to know this before they pay the high tuition.

But it's not just little schools like Union College. Fox says students at Baylor don't want to allow a Christian perspective.

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