Houston Astros Fan Files $1M Lawsuit Accusing Orbit Of Breaking Her Finger

A woman in Montgomery County is filing a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the Houston Astros after her finger was broken during a game

Court documents indicate it happened at a game in July 2018.

Jennifer Harughty says her finger was shattered when hit straight on by the team’s mascot, Orbit, who fired a t-shirt into the stands.

She was attending the game with her sons. Her husband and father were also in the stands.

Orbit is known to rapidly fire shirts into the crowd during the game. He's now accused of using what's being described as a “bazooka style t-shirt cannon” to rapidly fire multiple shirts into the crowd during the game's seventh inning.

According to lawsuit documents, “Orbit took aim and fired a t-shirt into the stands where Harughty and her family sat. The t-shirt struck her left index finger head-on and with so much force Harughty’s finger fractured.”

When she arrived at the emergency room, she was told she needed surgery and had two operations to fix the fracture.

The lawsuit accuses the team of negligence in several ways.

  • Failing to use reasonable care when firing the cannon
  • Failure to warn fans of the risks associated with the cannon.
  • Astros staff were not properly trained for the safe use of the cannon.

Documents indicate Harughty wants more than "$1 million for pain, suffering and impairment along with mental anguish and loss of any earnings both past and future."

The plaintiff is demanding the case go to a trial by jury.

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