A Texas Law to protect Israel could be struck down

Two years ago the Texas Legislature passed a law prohibiting the state from doing businesses with contractors who support a boycott of Israel. But it appears that law is about to be struck down by a federal judge.

Randy Czarlinsky, director of the Houston chapter of the American Jewish Committee, says the law has been misused.

"It was not to target individuals in any way shape or form; to limit free speech or free attitudes -- it's really dealing with companies contracting with the state of Texas."

Czarlinsky says the law may have to be rewritten.

"It was never appropriate, or the purpose or the intent, to limit any individual from expressing their views or their opinions."

Activists claim a Muslim teacher in Pflugerville lost her job because of her opinions about Israel. But supporters of the law claim she wasn't fired; she quit.

Czarlinsky says the law was not intended to punish individuals.

"I believe, should it be struck down, it will be based on the individual application, which I understand there's efforts in the Legislature to amend the current law so that it doesn't impact individuals."

Texas is Israel's fourth largest trade partner.

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