Pro-life and faith-based movie Unplanned gaining popularity

After last week’s debut of "Unplanned", hundreds more theaters will be showing it this weekend. The faith-based, pro-life movie came in number five at the box office this weekend, doubling estimations, despite mainstream media and social media blackouts.

The movie tells the true story of former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson, who is well known in both the pro-life movement and abortion industry.

She quit after witnessing the live murder of a 13-week old baby.

Central Texas Coalition for Life Executive Director Heather Gardner said abortion advocates need to see this film.

“If there’s nothing wrong with this procedure, go and see for yourself, and then you can walk out of that movie and if anything else it will just reaffirm your belief,” said Gardner. "They never want to talk about what the actual abortion is. They never want to talk about the details, yet they’re so adamant about supporting this and making sure women have access to this, but they don't ever want to talk about what this is," said Gardner.

Gardner was there at the Bryan, Texas 40 Days for Life office when Johnson went after witnessing the abortion.

She added that it's crucial for pro-lifers to see it, too. They've already seen conversions and healing happening.

"It goes where no film has gone before in terms of the details inside the abortion industry from the administrator to the corporate level," said Gardner.

The film has not been without controversy.

First, the movie, which delves into the abortion industry, was given an R rating, even though there's nothing warranting it.

Second, is the Twitter controversy, which Gardner calls suspicious after the movie's Twitter account also was frozen and half of the followers were kicked off.

“They had already been a follower and when they went on it said that they weren’t and when they tried to push the follow button, it wouldn’t let them and they tried it multiple times and took screen shots every time and it would not let them follow the Unplanned Twitter handle,” said Gardner.

Nothing's confirmed if too many followers froze the Unplanned Twitter account, or if it was intentional censorship.

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