Military Recruiters: I'm "Game" for New Marines

Last year, the Army missed its recruiting goal for the first time since 2005, a fact blamed on a strong economy and the slow collapse of traditional recruiting like cold calls.

Now, military leader have a new strategy, going not just online – but into video games.

The Marines have did meet their recruiting goals last year, but they are also looking to gaming to get more recruiters.

Corporal Erick J. ClarosVillalta, with the Recruiting Station Houston/ 8th Marine Corps District, tells KTRH, "Gamers are the ideal age for the military. They also have a great sense of team work and community. We have noticed they're also good at making split second decisions, which can be crucial in the Marines."

He also says, "There are so many different roles in the military that get overlooked. There's a spot for not just Marines fighting on the ground, but also we need good Marines that have the "smarts" and not just the muscle. We are finding at gaming conventions, that there's a great blend of people with all sorts of backgrounds and attributes that can benefit from making a career in the Marines."


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