Every Keystroke you Make - They Could be Watching You!

If you have a boss, type on a company owned keyboard, speak on a company phone or use a key-card to get into your office, you could easily be spied on by your employer.What about your right of privacy? Gerald Treece of South Texas College of Law answers that: “If it’s the company’s computer, the company’s telephone --- you don’t have some privacy rights there! As far as the passwords are concerned – the company is in charge of that equipment”

The Gartner Research Firm found that half of the largest U.S. companies use A.I. to monitor their staff and predict next year it will reach 80%.The appeal is great for employers who can easily see if their company is being put at risk---among other things.

Treece adds, “Legally, it's their business and they are paying you while you are on the job.However – a line is drawn in the sand.If it’s your computer --- at home … if it’s your own electronic device…that’s where the privacy rights come in.”

And remember. In Texas, you can be laid off for any reason, as long as it’s not in the Protected Status category.


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