Fashion Faux Pas: Having a Bad Hair Decade

We can all be forgiven for transgressions of good taste when fads come and go. The big hair that many women displayed in the 1980’s could be a case in point. Future generations may point to today’s popular tattoos, while no one today claims mullets ever looked good.

2,000 people were asked in a survey if they have any fashion regrets. 66% said, “Yes.”

We can validate that. We either WERE them or we SAW them. Every decade comes with passing fads best left to history, like the Neru jacket popularized in the 60’s, the peasant look girls paid big bucks for in the 70’s, Madonna imitators in the 80’s. Bell bottoms, silk shirts and leggings. Torn sweatshirts. No one gets through unscathed, though fashion’s approval is always in the eye of the beholder. Crocs, cammies, and scrunchies. Been there done that.

A British store asked shoppers what the worst fashion choice of all time was: socks and sandals came back at the top of the list.

It's hard to top that one.

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