Social Media in Football? Give us a break

We all know there's no crying in baseball, but what about social media in football? The Arizona Cardinals' head coach says he'll allow players social media breaks, during team meetings, so they can feed their "social media addiction."

SportsTalk 790's Greg Koch was one of the best and he can't imagine something like this in his day.

"To me, if you're getting paid well to do a day's work you should do a day’s work and you've got plenty of time to do the outside stuff at other times."

Koch is not a fan of social media and he says it's a troubling sign for society in general.

"I don't understand it and it bothers me when I go out and I see families sitting around and all five of them, two parents and three kids, and they're all on their phones -- no one's talking to each another."

Koch didn't have to worry about social media when he was a star with the Green Bay Packers, but he thinks this is ridiculous.

"If I'm an employer and I'm paying guys millions of dollars -- and I'm talking about millions now when we're talking about the NFL -- I want them honing their craft at every opportunity they have. I'm not saying you have to work 24/7, but when it's a work day, it's a work day."

Koch says our society, as a whole, is too caught up in social media nonsense. Some suspect this is actually just a ploy to better market the Cardinals to fans.

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