Free speech rights aren’t absolute

The right to free speech isn’t always going to protect you. Especially if you work in the private sector.

For instance, you could get written up just for putting Fox News on the television in the break room. KTRH Legal analyst Chris Tritico says private employers can do what they want.

“If the employer has dictated the TV be on a certain channel, employers do not have the legal authority to change that channel,” Tritico said.

Josh Blackman with South Texas College of Law Houston says there's not much you can do about it.

“Generally the First Amendment right to free speech only applies when the government is restricting your speech,” Blackman stated, adding that this is becoming a big issue these days.

“It’s a problem on planes, at bars, or even at a gym,” Blackman said, explaining that you could be judged simply on the basis of what you watch.