VIDEO: How Democrats Are Creating Tent NATION of Illegals

Illegals are being released to the public in Texas because detention centers are overflowing. Instead of releasing illegals to ICE, ICE, now overwhelmed, is ALSO releasing illegals to public streets.

Pentagon Delivers List Of Possible Military Cuts

(New York, NY) -- The Pentagon is highlighting a list of projects that could be affected by President Trump's plan to use three-point-six billion in military construction funds for his proposed border wall.

Homeland Security Secretary To Visit McAllen Today

(McAllen, TX) -- The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is headed to the Rio Grande Valley today. Kirstjen Nielsen will be on an official visit to McAllen along with Acting Director Ronald Vitiello of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Rio Grande Valley Border Sector Chief Rodolfo Karisch. The federal delegation will meet with dozens of county sheriffs to discuss the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. The program provides for DHS to deputize local and state officers when help is needed with federal immigration enforcement.

U.S. To Start Releasing Families Detained At Border

Border Patrol officials claim they're soon going to release some of the illegal immigrant families being held near the southern border. An official says they have to start releasing some of the families as the detention centers are filling up. Some families taken into custody in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas will be given a notice to appear in court, while others will be released with a court date but no set bond amount. More families in recent months have been taken into custody along the Rio Grande Valley than any other stretch of the border.

Webb County Sheriff Says Governor Looking Into Funding For Technology Border Barrier

(Laredo, TX) -- Webb County Sheriff Martín Cuellar says Governor Greg Abbott is studying possible ways to fund smart border security. Sheriff Cuellar says a funding bill is under review by the Governor for the technology driven virtual wall. The measure reportedly would assign one-hundred-million-dollars to set up enhanced surveillance technology in and around border communities such as Laredo. In a community meeting in Laredo last Friday, Sheriff Cuellar also advocated for advanced security technology using video, sensors, drones along with more boots on the ground as a smarter alternative to just building a physical barrier.

Verónica Escobar Rejects Stay In Mexico Policy For Asylum Seekers

(Washington, D.C.) -- El Paso Democrat Verónica Escobar is calling for an end to the federal policy to make asylum seekers wait in Mexico. In a statement yesterday, the U.S. Congresswoman says to force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their place in line for an immigration court asylum hearing in this country is shameful and puts the immigrants' lives at risk. Escobar says she will work to keep any federal funds from being used to support the policy. In her statement, she also calls for fellow members of Congress to resist federal immigration policies.

El Paso Looking For Answers As Immigrant Population Swells

(El Paso, TX) -- Officials in El Paso are looking at their options to help shelters overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants. Of the various options on the table this week, the city's emergency management office even considered blocking off access to a city park to then use it as a temporary tent city shelter site. The city is starting to intervene because of the daily arrival of hundreds of immigrants who are putting a strain on non-profit organization resources such as the Annunciation House according to the group's director Rubén García. As it turns out, García says this time the park idea was discarded after he succeeded in arranging for 150-or so immigrants in the overflow to stay at a nearby motel.

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