CNN shocked that some Hispanics favor Trump and wall

According to Breitbart, a CNN poll found 34 percent of Latinos approved of Trump and support of a wall along the border.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans reportedly received about a third of the Latino vote, which is more that Mitt Romney had in 2012.

Hidalgo County Young Republicans President Joacim Hernandez, who lives in McAllen, said he is for a physical barrier along the border to assist Border Patrol agents and controlling the illegal activity bombarding the border.

"I am against using of legal loopholes to be apprehended to later ignore the procedure or the process that is needed to stay here lawfully," said Hernandez.

He supports the need for a barrier and border agents back that up.

"When you talk to them personally and they tell you some of the stories that point to needing an actual barrier," said Hernandez.

He said he's okay with people coming over here legally, however, America's immigration system is broken and needs to be reformed and updated.

He believes more and more Hispanics are vocalizing their support for border security and the President.

For example, look at the Federation of Hispanic Republicans, as well as the Hispanic Republican National Assembly.

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