The Trump Administration gets an immigration win from Supreme Court

The Supreme Court rules DHS and ICE agents can detain illegal immigrants released from custody. The ruling will affect how Sanctuary City jurisdictions enforce the law and make them adhere to federal guidelines.

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk says it's going to be a process.

"A lot of these jurisdictions, they're going to have to do retraining on their employees, they're going to issue new guidelines. And, some of it's going to have to start taking effect immediately, but we probably won't see the impact for some time," said Davidiuk.

He said this is a trend in the right direction, but be prepared for the Leftists to delay implementation, try and find a way around the policy, and nullify the federal rules.

"It's nothing that takes effect immediately because the guidelines have to be restructured and the rules have to be put in place in terms of how the jurisdictions enforce the law," said Davidiuk.

He said lawmakers and voters need to continue to put conservative people on the bench to enforce these laws.

He hopes by the end of the year there is a drop in illegal immigrants attempting to enter the US, as well as detained at the border because of increased enforcement and resources at the border.

Illegal Immigrant Arrest

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