A Gift from the IRS?!?

The IRS could be holding some of your money - and they want to give it back! They are holding 1.4 billion dollars of unclaimed tax refunds from as far back as 2015...and the IRS will only hold it for you for 3 years. IRS Agent and tax expert Matthew Jennings says, "For the 2015 tax year --- the deadline to apply for your refund will be April 15, 2019.” You probably didn't get your refund because you didn't file. Jennings says there are four reasons you should file a return on time every year.

1.It’s illegal not to. Actually – it’s a criminal offense not to file.

2.You could become the target of Identity Thieves.The thief could file a fraudulent return on your behalf and then pocket your refund.

3.It starts the 10 year statute of limitations that the IRS has to collect taxes from when the return was filed.

4.It allows you with tax debt in bankruptcy if the return is filed on time.

Jennings says the median unclaimed refund in Texas is a whopping $929! As he says himself, “That could add some nice things to your wardrobe!”

To find out if you're in for some unclaimed cash, follow the instructions here. Good luck!

unclaimed tax refund

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