Self-driving cars may not be as close as we think

In a Triple-A poll 71 percent of Americans say they're worried about fully autonomous vehicles. But more than half say they're okay with low-speed, short distance forms of autonomous transportation.

Triple-A's Daniel Armbruster says media coverage of self-driving technology isn't helping.

"Some of that fear is rooted in heightened media focus, on whether that's good or bad, on the testing of the vehicles."

There've been plenty of stories about Teslas crashing while in self-drive mode. Armbruster says it may be too soon to panic, though.

"We're a long way away from self-driving vehicles taking over the roadways."

Some of the technology is in place, but Armbruster says don't count on it within the next ten years. In the poll most think, in ten years, all new cars will have some sort of automated capability.

"The systems in place are only there to help drivers and assist them when needed, but right now you don't have fully self-driving vehicles on the roadways and you're not going to any time soon."

Armbruster says Texas is one of the states designated to test self-driving cars, but he says the infrastructure needed for that is still waiting to be built.

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