Twice as many migrants use welfare than natural born Americans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls immigrants “newcomers,” but those newcomers are being paid for by American tax dollars.

Numbers from the Center for Immigration Studies say migrants use almost twice the welfare native born Americans do, and that 70% of noncitizen households in Texas use welfare. Political analyst George Seay tells KTRH that's a magnet for illegals and a major reason why the President is fighting to secure the border.

“We have not addressed this. Now you have a hostile opposition blocking us from doing just that,” Seay said.

And because we have all these people coming here and drawing from the government well, you wind up paying for it.

“It’s put a huge strain on the system. Public hospitals run huge deficits every year giving care to people that aren’t citizens,” Seay explained.

We also see more foreign workers coming here, as the Bureau for Labor Statistics says foreign workers have now outpaced American workers in terms of job growth over the last six months.


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