Kids set to strike for climate change today

The climate change community is now getting kids to do their work for them, and a good example of that will be on display today.

That's because children across the country including Houston are going on a 'climate strike.' They say they are taking action because the grownups won't. Marc Morano with The Climate Depot tells KTRH the kids are being brainwashed.

“They are not thinking for themselves. They are given the talking points and they are going out there,” Morano said.

So what are these kids being taught?

“They are taught that there’s a climate crisis, that fossil fuels are evil, and that government must act to save us,” Morano stated.

The problem is, Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace told Fox News the kids are being sold a bill of goods.

“The whole climate crisis as they call it is not only fake news, it’s fake science. There’s no climate crisis,” Moore said on Fox.

We checked, and there is a rally at City Hall set for Noon, with a Facebook page indicting 120 people interested in going and that 30 are going.


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