Beto is in, but the left isn’t convinced

Beto O’Rourke made it official, announcing with an online video that he was jumping in to the Presidential race in 2020. Beto becomes the 13th officially declared candidate in the race, with at least three others having formed exploratory committees.

O’Rourke has been the darling of the mainstream media since last year, when he gave Ted Cruz a very close race for his seat in the United States Senate. But there are questions that have been raised, and now the left is raising them as well.

Recent pieces in the New York Times and Slate have not been kind to O’Rourke. The piece on Slate said O’Rourke has cl clear reason to run. Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey told Houston’s Morning News on KTRH that while questions are being raised, it’s a minority of Democrats that are raising it.

“It is a shame that image and likability seem to matter so much more than record and performance,” Dickey said.

And he pointed out that O’Rourke is doing exactly what he said he would not do by running for the White House.

“He did a television interview less than a year and a half ago saying there was no way he was running for President in 2020,” Dickey stated.

It was a claim Beto would repeat to Oprah after his loss to Cruz, and a claim he has now gone back on.

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