Your Dog is Fat Because of a Hormonal Imbalance

By every possible measure we can prove the degree to which we absolutely love our pets, yet we’re killing them prematurely and subjecting them to suffering by making them obese.

It’s not like they’re doing it on their own.

Pet health expert Lauriston Crockett suggests it may be more than just the low-quality diet provided by most commercial dog food and the lack of exercise, it could be spaying and neutering.

That’s a controversial idea, because spaying and neutering affects the even worse reality of over-population that can have even more dire consequences for animals. Crockett, an animal rights advocate active in supporting shelter pets, supports spaying and neutering, but suggests more thought is needed into the physiological impact the surgery has on an animal’s endocrine system and their ability to produce the hormones that keep obesity in check.

Crocket has developed a product called Gift for Life that he claims provides natural peptide support that allows pets to more fully realize their health potential.

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