The Invasion shows no sign of slowing

Apparently, all you have to do as an illegal alien is identify as "Jose Lopez," claim you fear for your life and promise to show up for a court date -- and you're free!

It's called the Catch and Release policy and Art Arthur at the Center for Immigration Studies says agents are overwhelmed.

"ICE really doesn't have the capacity to detain those individuals and for that reason they are released."

Arthur says we're drowning in illegals.

"It's a huge problem and in fact we've seen the number of individuals who've entered the United States illegally, particularly family units -- that is families with children -- spike in recent months."

Arthur says, unfortunately, we're not likely to do anything about this with Democrats in control of the House.

"Our laws actually provide for the expedited removal of aliens who enter this country illegally, unfortunately they also have the ability to claim credible fear and we've seen the number individuals who claim credible fear increase over the years."

Arthur says other countries, including Mexico, don't have such policies. He says the Mexicans send illegals home, unless they promise to continue on to the U.S., in which case the Mexican government usually delights in passing them on.

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