Publishers looking to make money off Mueller Report, Trump

When the Mueller Report finally comes out, look for the publishing world to take advantage and try to make some big bucks from it.

That's right, the publishing world can't wait. There are multiple projects in the works, including one by two investigative journalists. Republican strategist Jessica Colon tells KTRH the left doesn't like Trump, but they know he's a cash cow for them.

“They will stop at nothing when it comes to this administration to make a buck. Donald Trump sells commercials for TV stations and books for publishers,” Colon explained.

These publishers, and the mainstream media have been waiting, literally, for years, for the report to come out.

“This is one of the longest special prosecutor investigations the country has ever seen. This could wind up being the longest in U.S. history,” Colon said.

The networks are also lining up for coverage. They've been camped out at the office of the Special Counsel. They were at the home of new Attorney General William Barr until they were told to leave.


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