Poll: Young People Hold Positive View of Socialism

New polling shows Generation Z and Millennials have a more positive view of the word "socialism,” with nearly half saying they would prefer living in a socialist country.

A new Harris Poll given exclusively to Axios, found nearly three-quarters of young people believe in government-funded universal health care, two-in-three want free college tuition.

“The definitions have morphed over time, certainly in the last several political cycles, so a socialist government is not as frowned upon in the eyes of the youthful inexperienced as it is with older generations,” says Ed Hirs, energy fellow and economics professor at the University of Houston.

Hirs says it's a old debate that still goes on inside his classroom.

“The French say if you're not a socialist before you're 20 you have no heart, and if you're not a conservative by the time you're 40 you have no head.”

“Each generations cycles through a youthful concern for society, then an understanding that it's our capitalist market that helps pay for things,” he says.



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