Nature vs nurture helps when it comes to a good marriage

A new Yale University study found that married people who have a gene called GG genotype reported a higher satisfaction in their marriages.

People who produce the love hormone oxytocin are associated with cuddling and loving feelings to our partners.

Houston Relationship Therapy President and lead pyschotherapist Dr. Viviana said it makes sense if you have all the feels.

She said oxytocin is associated with cuddling and loving feelings to our partners, but if you're missing that gene...

“You experience more oxytocin, you’re going to experience more love feelings, so when one person, or both, have that gene they do tend to say they are more satisfied in their relationship,” said Dr. Viviana.

She said if you don't have that gene, just work harder for a good marriage based on your own merits.

The study found that couples who did not have the GG genotype, which produces oxytocin, were more likely to have an anxious relationship...insecurities, low self-esteem and high rejection sensitivity.

“You do just need to try a bit harder to overcome that and hopefully you’ll find yourself in a really loving, happily satisfied relationship due to your own merits not because of your genes,” said Dr. Viviana.

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