Lots More People are Looking Prettier

In fact, a quarter of a million more procedures were done in 20-18 than in 20-17.

Dr. Ben Beckert of Beaumont Plastic Surgery Associates says, “I know that there’s a lot of pressure from Social Media and Celebrities for people to have a certain look and a certain appearance. We do have an uptick in cosmetic procedures that are non-invasive.We’re beginning to see more MEN who are beginning to dabble in those Botox and Filler procedures.”

2018 saw a quarter of a million more people have cosmetic procedures done than the year before. Dr. Beckert also sees more women and men in executive positions see the need than before. The social stigma is fading for "having a little work done," and many full surgeries in the past...are now less invasive procedures."I think that oftentimes in the workplace we see beauty as success. So some of us will do what we will do whatever we can to project that beauty externally.”

Most procedures for men are eyelid surgery and facial implants. With women it's still breast implants.

Here’s something new: millennials aren't waiting until they're older to get Botox and fillers to make them appear younger; they're more apt to undergo procedures in their 20s and 30s so that they stay looking young.

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