Adopting a Pet Could Become Costly

Remember, this is a member of your family for life.

If you're adopting a pet, be ready for some expense along with the love. Barbara Welch, volunteer for Operation Pets Alive, says prevention is important for your pet and your wallet. Heart worm prevention for your dog costs a few dollars a month - but heart worm treatment can run over a thousand. And then there's vaccines. Mrs. Welch says, “Various shelters give vaccines for $10 each. And there are “pop-up” vaccination events in multiple businesses --- like Petco. There’s really no excuse for not taking care of your animals.”

And most important, low cost spay neuter is available through a variety of non-profits. A few are listed below.But…what will you do when the unexpected happens?Like a broken bone or cancer.Some pet lovers have found success with pet insurance. Others, like Mrs. Welch put away those premiums instead. “Just set aside an account for when something does happen. You’ll not be caught off guard and you can take care of your pet properly.”

You may spend as much as a thousand dollars for your first year with your pet - but it's usually under 500 for each year after that.

And the joy, love and companionship you receive in return is priceless.


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