Something Fishy is Going On!

The seafood your ordered may not be what's on your plate.Dr. Kimberly Warner, Senior Scientist at Oceana, headed a study of 400 seafood samples from 227 restaurants-and-stores in 25 states and found some alarming results. “Of all of the species we tested for DNA --- 1 out of 5 (actually 21%) did not match to what was being sold. We call that Fish Fraud or Mislabeled Seafood.”

Dr. Warner says many of the items were actually a cheaper fish farmed outside the country or one that is endangered and over-fished. “You may pay for sea bass, but get a giant perch instead. The seafood replacement will always be a cheaper item, and may be one that is endangered and over-fished!”

“Both the restaurant and consumer get ripped off.” Warner suggests you buy seafood that comes from a source near your own location. When buying to take home, select a whole fish and have the butcher cut it for you. “Fewer steps in the supply chain and preparation will diminish the chances of fraud.”

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