POLL: High School Shooting Teams More Popular Than Ever

While the national debate over guns continues, participation in high school shooting teams is growing.

In fact, nearly 22,000 students in 20 states competed last year in the USA High School Clay Target League -- up from just 9,200 students in 2015. Right now, only a handful of Texas schools participate.

“They're able to participate in an activity that doesn't really require to be the tallest, strongest or fastest,” says league president John Nelson. “There's obviously an awful lot of discipline when it comes to handling firearms safety and ammunition.

“One-in-nine kids will come in contact with a firearm before the age of 18, so would you rather have kids learn about gun safety in the school environment or in the street environment?”

Nelson says safety is the league's top priority.

“We've pulled the trigger 42 million times and never had an injury in this league, so if you were take 42 million snaps of a football, how many injuries would be out there?”



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