Gun Rights Advocate: Texans Misinformed About Red Flag Laws

While a majority of Texans support the Second Amendment, recent polling shows voters also support so-called "red flag" laws, allowing a judge to temporarily take guns away from someone deemed a threat to themselves or others.

According to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, 72 percent of Texas voters say they "strongly" or "somewhat" support a red flag law.

“Either this poll is grossly inaccurate, or two, 72 percent of people are completely misinformed about what red flag laws do,” says C.J. Grisham with Open Carry Texas.

Grisham fears it could lead to further gun violence.

“It's going to take people with guns going to take guns away from people with guns,” he says. “If you look at other states where these red flag laws are being enforced, cops and people are being shot over the enforcement of this.”

Gov. Greg Abbott who floated a red flag law after the Santa Fe High School shooting.

“Even at the federal you've got Marco Rubio, a Republican who is introducing a red flag bill at the national level, so I don't think Republicans the inherent dangers.”



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