Conservatives claim voter suppression in Texas suit

There’s a court battle that’s been going on over voter rolls in Texas that’s gained a lot of attention lately. But there are other instances of voter suppression happening to Republicans that the mainstream media isn’t telling you about.

And that has resulted in a lawsuit as well. Erin Wilcox with the Pacific Legal Foundation says it started with a Dallas voter wearing a MAGA hat last year.

“He went to vote during early voting last fall wearing a MAGA hat and was pulled out of line,” Wilcox explained. “He was hassled by an election judge and told he couldn’t vote because the hat was electioneering.”

Then there was the Houston woman with a shirt supporting firefighters looking for pay raises was asked to turn her shirt inside out.

“It’s a problem that affects everyone. It affects the left and the right. The laws is so board that it can keep both sides from voting just based off of what they are wearing,” Wilcox explained, adding that these two cases have been bundled together to show voter suppression can happen to anyone, not just liberals.


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