Advertisers could change and solve social media problems

An op-ed piece in USA Today wants advertisers to stop paying Facebook, YouTube and other social media outlets until they can governg their platforms responsibly.

Corporate CEOs have been asked to withhold advertising money from social media platforms to force them "to stop acting like digital gangsters", according to an op-ed piece in USA Today.

Media Research Center’s vice-president of Business and Culture Dan Gainor said there's problems with social media, but no one can agree on the issues, much less how to solve them.

He said Chase, Patreon, Pay Pal are going after conservatives online.

"The conservative movement and basically even just general freedom will cease to exist because online and off because online is how we do everything now," said Gainor.

He said the battleground is organizations and ideas can be silenced by companies restricting speech, even fundraising.

Gainor said advertisers should want online companies to mimick the first amendment.

"Rather than leading the world down a regiment where free speech is denied and governments control what we say online and private companies control," said Gainor.

He said he has a problem with advertisers trying to restrict more speech, rather than providing more freedom.

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