POLL: Democrats would rather investigate than govern

The Democrats have charted the course of their agenda for the next couple of years, but it looks like their course has nothing to do with governing.

Instead it's about investigating President Trump. They are demanding documents from 80 people tied to the President. Political analyst Chris Begala told KTRH the Democrats have no interest in fixing the country's problems.

“It doesn’t seem that they have done anything for years now as far as governing this country or moving policy forward,” Begala said.

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy told Fox News the Dems are just trying to get votes.

“This is all about 2020,” he stated.

And Begala says you'll remember what the left is doing come November of 2020.

“The fatigue has set in. So many people in this country are completely and utterly sick of this,” Begala explained.

Meaning the left keeps this up, Republicans could be the big winners next year.



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