AUDIO: Partisan divide is alive and well in Texas

If you want to see the partisan divide at work just ask Texans to talk about politics.

That is exactly what pollsters at U-T did. Jim Henson with the Texas Politics Project tells KTRH the partisan divide was on display on issues like what the government should do about climate change and whether we should have Medicare for all.

“That’s what we expected, particularly given these are all national questions that are being debated right now,” Henson said.

Henson says the divide is deeper on certain issues than it was before, but he says there was one thing that there was almost no divide on.

“We asked people about increasing the federal income tax. Virtually no one wants to increase the income tax for all taxpayers,” Henson explained, adding that when he asked about wealth taxes like Democrats have proposed you do find heavy Democratic support, with Republicans being opposed to it.



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