"Hire American" Policy Gets No Respect!

President Trump's "Hire American" policy gets flak from mainstream media and democrats...even though wages have risen and productivity is up. Renowned Economist Peter Morici says the democrats are a given – even if they agree with the plan. “In the environment in Washington now --- it’s almost illegal for a democrat to support anything the President wants to do. We have seen democrats change their vote – when they agreed with the President – just because it would agree with the President!”

Even some Republicans say we still need certain immigrants. “That’s very important because we have a terrible shortage in manufacturing, banking and so forth, of people who are adept in a technical job. It’s smart to try to have more immigrants that are skill-intensive that can cover our technical needs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) discipline.”

He says he doesn't think Trump's "merit” immigration idea will fly past democrats, though, even if they agree with it. He adds that mainstream media won't give it much play either.


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