POLL: The Most Expensive Commutes in America

The most "expensive" commutes in the country probably aren’t where you would imagine. The commuters who face the highest costs aren’t coming from the suburbs of New York City or San Francisco. These commuters live within 65 miles of Washington D.C.

Workers from Charles County, in southern Maryland, spent 388 hours -- or just under two-and-a-half weeks of their lives -- on average, traveling to and from work in 2017, according to Bloomberg analysis of U.S. Census data.

Residents in Fauquier, Virginia and Stafford, Virginia, more than 35 miles from Washington D.C, face similar commuting costs.

Bloomberg calculated a county resident’s opportunity cost by converting hours spent commuting into a dollar amount based on the average annual income of a full-time worker. The index also factored in the percentage of workers that commute before 6:00 a.m. under the assumption that leaving that early is undesirable for most and warrants a higher opportunity cost.

Economic cost of commuting




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