Texas Military Wife Kicked Off Flight

American Airlines is apologizing for kicking a woman and her son off a flight because they have a rare genetic skin condition. Jordan Flake had seen her military husband in Texas before trying to fly to South Carolina with her toddler last week. They've got ichthyosis pronounced [[ ik-thee-o-sis ]], a non-contagious skin problem that creates dry and scaly skin. Flake wrote online that an airline employee asked her about the rash and if she had a letter from a doctor.

She didn't, and they told them to get off the plane. The incident took place on Rare Disease Day, which is meant to draw attention to the plight of people like the Flakes.

Contacted by USA Today, American Airlines said it apologizes and not only will refund the cost of Flake's trip, but upgrade her on future flights.



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