Refund amounts rising

You might have missed it, because the mainstream media hasn’t bothered to report it. But tax refunds are going up and are at the same level we saw in 2018.

In fact, the amount rose by 17% last week to match where they were at last year. This was after the field day the mainstream media had telling everyone that refunds were down because of Tax Reform. Mattie Duppler with the National Taxpayers Union says the President promised less taxes, not a bigger refund check.

“Your tax refund has nothing to do with your tax liability. That’s a misconception that has to be cleared up right away, Duppler said.

But, for the mainstream media, as the old saying says, "Facts are stubborn things."

“It’s amazing to me how much they can be misinterpreted, especially when you have the majority of Americans experience the tax cut and seeing more money in their paycheck,” Duppler explained.

In fact, the numbers show that 90% of us saw more money in our paychecks thanks to tax reform.


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