Interest rates, car prices, loan lengths and SUVs add to monthly costs

The monthly payment for your new vehicle is increasing.

According to Edmunds, new-car buyers agreed to pay an average of $551 per month for 69 months in January, which is nearly 10 percent more per month than three years earlier.

People should instead take into consideration the total amount they’re paying over time—rather than the monthly payment.

The Car Pro Show's Jerry Reynolds said gone are the days of zero percent interest for 60 months.

last month, the average car loan was over six percent

"Zero percent is very expensive for the automakers to do now. We've seen that dry up, so that's made the average interest rate higher. The other thing that I've seen is this mass exodus from cars to SUVs," said Reynolds.

Kelley Blue Book finds new-vehicle prices averaging nearly $37,000 in January. Last year it was $36,000.

Reynolds said people are having to stretch their car loans out to afford more expensive vehicles.

"72 (months) is pretty much the norm now. But, if that weren't the case, those monthly payment averages that we're seeing today would be even higher on 60 months. And, now you're seeing 84 months," said Reynolds.

He said that's a bad move for consumers. Instead, try to look for a comparable car, but two years older with low mileage.

Also, take into consideration the loan length. Car loans are no longer 60 months, but 72 and 84 months according to Experian.

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