Democrats to introduce new Dream Act

Democrats are about to make another power play in order to try and win the election next year. They also plan on using Dreamers to do it.

Reports say that House Democrats will introduce an expanded Dream Act next week that would provide amnesty for millions of Dreamers. Breitbart's Bob Price says for years Democrats ignored the Dreamers.

“They are doing it just to save face with these people because they have an election that they want to try to win next year. It’s politics. It’s not anything about getting anything resolved for these people,” Price explained.

And it also won’t pass in the Republican-led Senate. Overall, it's an issue that Charlie Kirk with Turning Point USA says is crucial to our future.

“I think the biggest issue in America is immigration,” Kirk said on SiriusXM last week. “Without this President we would not be talking about it.”

Price says Kirk is right when he talks about how important the issue is.

“We’ve made it way too easy for illegal immigration, and we have the legal immigration system messed up to the point that it’s not working for this country,” Price said.

And new polling shows you agree, with almost 60% of you saying walls are effective.


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