POLL: Texas Lawmaker Continues Push to Opt Out of Daylight Saving Time

Try. Try. And try again. A state lawmaker from San Antonio is again pushing legislation to end Daylight Saving Time in Texas.

Democratic Sen. Jose Menendez says SB 190 is about health and safety, and he wants the Lone Star State to join Arizona and Hawaii as the only other states to opt out of what he calls an outdated practice.

Congress passed the Standard Time Act in the final months before World War I ended in 1918. President Lyndon Johnson later signed the Uniform Time Act in 1966.

“I don't think we're in the agrarian society which caused this to occur, or the need to preserve fuel used to produce power back then,” says Menendez.

“We can always adjust what time the school bus picks kids up,” he says. “I think the issue that is especially harder for me, and I've got three, is that when you do the Daylight Saving Time just getting my kids up to go to school is a harder thing.”

Similar bills have been proposed and failed for at least two decades, but Menendez says he has support from across the aisle and all over Texas.

“From Arlington to Austin, Lubbock to Leander, Plano to San Antonio, we've received over 100 messages of support from everyday Texans who just want us to let Texas opt out of the unnecessary burdens of Daylight Saving Time.”

Daylight saving time

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