Grandmother Shot To Death In East Houston

Authorities say the shooter is still at large after gunning down a grandmother in own driveway. It happened in east Houston around 9:30pm Wednesday night. on Harbor near Market Street

Police say she had visited family and had returned home when someone confronted the 50 year old grandmother, and opened fire, striking her three times.

The shooting was caught on surveillance video and shows the entire confrontation as she was unlocking her gate. Police say the shooter may have been waiting for her to get home.

The victim's husband and grandson were home at the time and heard what happened but by the time they went to help, it was too late.

Houston Police Department Sgt. Thomas Simmons said "our complainant seems to be an innocent mother, grandmother. She works locally here in the neighborhood, and it is a very, very tragic incident."

Police say the suspected shooter got into a car and left the scene southbound on Harbor and crossed Market Street.

Anyone with information about the shooting is encouraged to call police at 713.222.TIPS.

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