AI with morals might turn on their owners for illegal activity

Smart home assistants, like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod, are supposed to help you.

But, “Moral A.I." would report illegal activity to the police.

Houston privacy lawyer Pierre Grosdidier said it's a little far-fetched.

"From an AI standpoint, having that device decide whether or not to call the police, I think that's a long shot, that's my take," said Grosdidier.

He says from a forensic crime standpoint, police would be interested what happened inside the house during the commission of a crime.

"I think if you turned the devices on, knowing that they're connected to the Internet and they could report you to authorities, I think that'd be an issue to be made that you waived that right," said Grosdidier.

But, it might annoy police who already have to deal with false alarms that go off.

Home assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, have been at the center of privacy and security concerns since their release.

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