You Probably Touch Your Smart Phone at Least 52 Times a Day!

Phubbing, or phone snubbing, is when you would rather go to your smart phone than speak to the person sitting next to you. Studies show that we touch our phones more than 52 times a day! Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center says, “Sometimes we do this just to escape reality.”

She says it's especially bad for teens and young adults because they can get depressed as they become alienated from face to face personal interaction. “Some people don’t have real conversations, they have text conversations.”

Richardson also says smart phones are handy - but are alienating us from each other. “I work with families who say, ‘we’re always on the phone. We don’t interact with each other much or sit down as a family just to have dinner together.”She says the addiction is far reaching into many areas of our lives. “We’re not learning how to cope with other people. We’re not learning how to go through life without a device in our hand!”

Richardson says to start cutting down on phone time - first check how many minutes you spend on each app. It may astonish you! Other ideas:

  • If your problem is staying on the phone too long, set a timer for 15 minutes when you start. Then shut it down when you hear the chime.
  • Make a “schedule” of when you give yourself permission to use your phone. Set your alarm for those times.
  • Take all of your distracting apps off your home screen. ...
  • When you go to bed, put your phone in its charger --- in another room.
  • Turn off as many push notifications as possible. ...

texting instead of talking

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