Number of states with more liberals than conservatives dropping

Comedian Bill Maher may think red states are jealous of blue states, but the numbers show less blue states in 2019.

Gallup says the number states where liberals outnumber conservatives is down to six. It was nine a year ago. James Henson with the Texas Politics Project at U-T tells KTRH this isn't a total shock.

“People’s ideological ideas shift. They don’t move completely across the spectrum from strongly conservative to strongly liberal,” Henson said, adding that many prefer to call themselves moderate in today’s age of partisanship.

In Texas, conservatives still outnumber liberals by 18 percent. But there are almost as many moderates, and Henson says it's a trend he expects to continue.

“Because of the rapid change and rapid population growth in Texas, the state is a little less red than it used to be, and getting even less so day to day,” Henson explained.

And he also says we could see that play out in next year's election like it did in last year's midterm.


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